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 Since its establishment in 1935, Horikiri has contributed to the development of commercial vehicles over the years as a manufacturer specializing in suspension springs for commercial vehicles.。
 We have been highly trusted by our customers both in Japan and overseas for our suspension parts, which greatly affect the driving performance and ride comfort of commercial vehicles, and have received a wide variety of requests from our customers.
 As a specialized manufacturer of suspension components for commercial vehicles, we will continue to promote further technological development and provide our valued customers with products brimming with creativity and unique technologies. We will also actively engage in SDGs and aim to be a company that is loved by all stakeholders, aiming to reduce CO2 and to realize women's activities.
President & CEO
Yukihiro  Seki

Management Philosophy
We aim to contribute to the development of society and the happiness of our employees
through the provision of attractive products to our customers,
each of whom has an unrelenting spirit of challenge.

About Us

Company Name

1827-4 Kamikoya, Yachiyo-shi, Chiba 276-0022, Japan 
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Creation of business
October 30, 1935

capital stock
37 million yen

Executive Officer
President and Representative Director  Yukihiro Seki

Number of Employees

Manufacture and sale of the following products
Suspension springs (leaf springs, stabilinkers, stabilizers)

Qualifications & Certifications
IATF 16949:2016 Registration No. JQA-AU0025
ISO 9001:2015 Registration No. JQA-QM8424
ISO14001 JSAE 378

Main Banks
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Yachiyo Branch, Chiba Bank, Katsutadai Branch, Mizuho Bank, Yokohama Corporate Branch

Head Office & Factory
Head Office & Factory


October 1935
Horikiri-Spring Seisakusho founded in Horikiri-cho, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo with capital of 100,000 yen.

December 1939
Capital increased to 480,000 yen

Jun. 1950
Begins delivery of leaf springs for heavy-duty vehicles to Hino Motors, Ltd.

January 1953
Capital increased to 7.5 million yen
Began supplying 100% of assembly leaf springs to Hino Motors, Ltd. and also began supplying leaf springs for repairs through Hino Motors' nationwide sales network.

Feb. 1953
Chiba Plant is constructed in Makuhari-cho, Chiba City, and the coil spring division is relocated from the head office to increase production.

Feb. 1962月
Capital increased to 90 million yen
Constructed a new plant and production facilities for leaf springs division at Chiba Plant

May 1969
Head office relocated to Makuhari-cho, Chiba City, and Chiba Plant renamed the Head Office Manufacturing Plant.

December 1969
Capital alliance with Nippon Shojo Co.

Aug. 1971
Export of large leaf springs to the U.S. begins.

Apr. 1973
Construction of Yachiyo Plant begins at Kamikouya Industrial Park in Yachiyo City to accommodate new product development and increased production.

Nov. 1974
Received the Deming Prize 1974 Implementation Award for Small and Medium Enterprises

Jan. 1975
Leaf spring manufacturing facilities were relocated to the Yachiyo Plant at the head office manufacturing facility, completing the consolidation of the leaf spring division.

Feb. 1977
Capital increased to 225 million yen

May 1977
Closed the Chiba Plant and completed consolidation at the Yachiyo Plant.

Jul 1985
Successful development of new leaf spring “Tufflex®

Jun. 1987
Started delivery of “Tufflex®” to PACCAR in the U.S.A.

Aug. 1988
Started delivery of “Tufflex®” to Toyota Motor Corporation

Jun. 1989
Started delivery of “Tufflex®” to Hino Motors, Ltd.

Jan. 1990
Started delivery of “Tufflex®” to Mack Trucks, U.S.A.

Apr. 1995
Leafspring 2nd MAF line completed.

Mar. 1997
Capital increased to 37,500 million yen

Apr. 1997
Company name changed to HORIKIRI Inc.

May 1997
New office completed

Jan. 1999
ISO9001 certification acquired

Dec. 1999
Completed stabilinker line and began delivery to Hino Motors, Ltd. and UD Trucks, Ltd.

May 2001
ISO 14001 certification acquired

Oct. 2002
Started delivery of Monolief to MAN Truck & Bus in Germany

Dec. 2002
Started delivery of stabilinker to PACCAR in the U.S.A.

Jan. 2003
Revised to ISO9001-2000 version.

May 2003
Started delivery of Stabilinker to Isuzu Motors Limited.

Oct. 2003
Ltd. becomes the largest shareholder of Nippon Shokubai Co.

Mar. 2004
ISO/TS16949:2002 certification

May 2004
Updated registration to ISO14001-2015

Jul. 2004
Mass production of the second stabilizer linker line begins.

Jun. 2006
Started delivery of stabilizers to Hyundai Motor Co.

May 2009
Completed new combined heat treatment line

Mar. 2018
Registered for IATF 16949 certification

Apr 2018
New materials warehouse completed

Feb. 2020
Automated parts warehouse completed.

Oct. 2021
Leaf Spring 3rd MAF line completed.

Jan. 2024
Expanded the automated parts warehouse.


Access Map

1827-4 Kamikoya, Yachiyo-shi, Chiba 276-0022, Japan TEL:047-484-1111
Traffic Guide
  • ①When using the Toyo Rapid Transit (direct connection to the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line)
    Take the train bound for Toyo Katsutadai and get off at Toyo Katsutadai Station. 5 minutes by cab.
  • ②When using the Keisei Main Line (directly connected to the Keihin Kyuko Line)
    From Tokyo, take the train bound for Narita, get off at the north exit of Katsutadai Station, and then take a cab for 5 minutes.
  • ③When using the JR Sobu Line (directly connected to the JR Yokosuka Line)
    From Tokyo, take the train bound for Chiba and transfer to the Keisei Main Line at JR Funabashi Station. After that, same as ②
  • ④When using the Higashi-Kanto Expressway by car
    From Chiba Kita Interchange, take R16 toward Kashiwa and Yachiyo. 30 min.
Contact Us
Reception hours: 8:00 to 17:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays)
TEL. +81-47-484-1111 
FAX. +81-47-484-2442
1827-4 Kamikouya, Yachiyo-shi, Chiba 276-0022, Japan  
TEL:047-484-1111 FAX:047-484-2442